My Holistic Organizing Approach

Jan 19, 2017In Harmony

People often ask me how my skills, tools and practices support each other and work together. This is an example:

Let’s start with the outward organizing. I come into your home and clear out the clutter, get rid of what you are not using anymore, stuff that sits around collecting dust and has no more use to you. Perhaps you simply have a lot of stuff that needs to be gone through and organized and you don’t know where to start because it is overwhelming. Or we might be downsizing because you or your parents are moving to a smaller home or retirement home. We will determine what is essential to keep. Or a loved one might have transitioned and now you are faced with trying to figure out what to keep, if you are selling a home etc all the while having an emotional journey. I come in and do what is necessary to achieve the final goal regarding organizing.

The Feng Shui comes if we have determined you need a better flow of energy to support your well being or relationship and wealth area of your home along with the function and beauty of the room (part interior design and part energy work). We might do a Rice Blessings to clear out energy of someone who is no longer in your life or a blessing to bless a loved one who has passed or a blessing to release when you are selling a home or purchasing a new home.

Then the bars session(s) come in. It is intended to access your subconscious so it is easier to let go of stuff and people and start fresh. A bars session can help clear the clutter of beliefs and judgments keeping you in fear. A bars session can help remove mental blocks so you feel empowered. I recently had two different people experience physical relief from back pain and headaches. That is why is Access Consciousness (the bars) we ask what else is possible? Because we stay open to unlimited possibilities.

So, how does it get any better than that?! Book a session with me today and find out. I am passionate about my services cause I see change for the positive in people’s lives. Are you ready to truly clear out what no longer serves you either physically or emotionally/mentally? Are you ready to start this year fresh? Then give me a call to have a bars session or to schedule some time to organize your life. I am excited, as this is a year about new beginnings. I look forward to working with you.

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