Is Access Consciousness a Cult?

Oct 17, 2015Access Consciousness

I appreciate when people are willing to bring this topic up. It is important to communicate what a cult is and why some people wonder if Access Consciousness is a cult.

From my perspective, Access Consciousness is making someone uncomfortable and who ever said uncomfortable is wrong or bad? Are you willing to buy into someone’s point of view without researching it yourself?

Do you realize that it is usually when we are most uncomfortable about a possible change; this is when change can occur.

I believe that a reason people would consider Access Consciousness a cult is because Access provides tools that shift people’s lives, and when someone’s life shifts for the positive and they all of a sudden become happy there is someone out there to condemn and attempt to find something wrong.

Let’s take a look at the definition of a cult. Here is Wikipedia’s definition of a cult In a cult you have a leader and you are required to follow his/her rules and they will dictate whom you can talk to and where you can go and so on. At Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas who is the founder, is adamant that one seeks their own truth and what works for them and there are no right or wrong choices. Also, with a cult people are not permitted to ask questions. Asking questions is a foundational aspect of Access Consciousness and one of the primary tools used to have awareness and a different point of view.

Access could be seen as a cult when compared to a cult being obsessed with bringing in money and followers. But like any business, Access is about making money and helping others to have a different viewpoint amount money.

Cults will tend to use fear, shame or guilt to keep their followers, whereas Access Consciousness is about giving people tools to let go of and be free of fear, guilt and shame.

Here is the thing, you do not become a member or sign up under an organization with Access Consciousness, you sign up for classes that call to you to improve your life.

I have heard Access being accused having sex orgies and it being a sex cult. After being involved with Access Consciousness for over four years now, I have yet to see or hear of that within. In fact, I hear time and time again that the tools in Access help people to become comfortable with their bodies and relationships with others. How does it get any more empowering than that?

The tag line for Access Consciousness is “Empowering People to Know What they know”.

Personally, I have enjoyed classes that I take with Access Consciousness. The classes are fun, light and I have learned many tools to support me in creating the changes I want in my life. I have been ‘running bars’ which is energetic body work for over three years now and I have not received even one negative or derogatory comment and most clients have a calm and relaxing experience.

So you choose if you want to experience a class that might just change your life for the better, experience a BARS session which also might shift something for you, or not.

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