Here’s why In Harmony Services should be your organizing professional.

These are the people who, in their own words have brought harmony back to their room and their life by working with me.

“I want to give a shout out to Angie Hinds for her incredible organizing skills. She helped me reorganize my office when I reached a point I didn’t know where to take it. Not only was she able to work wonders in the office she was also able to help me work thru the issues that came up around getting rid of things & creating space for more of life to show up. I have worked with other organizers in the past & never felt fully satisfied with what was done or the feeling that was left in the office. It has been 2 weeks & I am still loving the space & the sacredness she helped create in the space.

I can highly recommend her to any one who is looking for assistance in this area. I know she does more than just offices & I hope soon to bring her back to help with the rest of my home.

Interestingly enough I have noticed some behavior changes for the better on my part, including & not limited to starting to get out early in the morning & run a mile or two, which I have never done in my life. Thank you Angie Hinds.”

Susan F.

“I have seen Angie several times for Access Bars and leave feeling relaxed, more clear and more at peace.”
Kris J.

“I have had the privilege of receiving a number of “bars” sessions from Angie. In each one of these unique sessions, I felt myself going into a most relaxed and deep state. Many times during the sessions I felt a sense of deep internal integration taking place, and after each and every session I felt lighter and more integrated. I love Angie’s attentiveness and her willingness to work with whatever I’m going through.”
Tommy R.

“No one can go wrong with having Angie come look at your clutter and have her organize and teach you how to keep, give away, and throw out. I was embarrassed to have anyone come over and see my clutter, but then Angie came over and I love my office again. She is amazing!”
Colleen R.

“When I didn’t know where to start in organizing my 2 room cottage, Angie showed up with clarity and vision that created an atmosphere of harmony.”
Patsy L.

“Angie helped me get through a bunch of paper clutter, which I have been building up over time. I usually feel overwhelmed with it and sit and look at each item. She helped me to organize the easy stuff really quickly, and then gave me tools to sort through the ‘harder’ stuff. ”
Kris J.

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