Meet Angie

Angie Hinds, Professional Organizer

My professional organizer career started when I was about 10 years old. I was babysitting &  cleaning, but began organizing as well. My bedroom was always organized and I thrived on cleaning areas out and creating clean spaces. Throughout the years I was asked to organize for friends and family because they saw my passion for organizing. It is simply part of who I am. I thrive on creating order out of chaos and clearing out the clutter. I support people to empower themselves by letting go of what does not serve them and honoring what does serve them.

As I built my organizing business, I was raising two children and living life, not not truly thriving. Like most people, I was living inside my comfort zone, not knowing how to get ‘out of the box’ nor express myself passionately. I wanted to be willing to take risks such as being vulnerable or asking for help, being able to say ‘no’ , expressing my creative side, & showing up fully and authentically, just to name a few. Even though I had traveled to Hawaii and Peru, lived in Alaska, was a top producer as a Financial Advisor consistently for over 6 years, had been married and raised two authentic children, was a girl scout leader and social organizer for my community, I knew there was much more to who I was, I didn’t really know myself and I did not know how to get there.

What I did know was I was not willing to settle. I wanted loving and supportive relationships, I wanted to be a good role model for my children, I wanted to express myself and play in life and most importantly, I wanted to know who I was and live from the standpoint of choice. I had been on a soul journey for the last 10 years and was aware of Quantum Physics, the power of thought, and the ideas that not only do we have choice, but also that we are responsible for our lives. That truth can be both scary and exciting.

Expanding My Offerings

When we focus on something, we will be provided opportunities, and I was given one when I was gifted a ‘bars session’ with Access Consciousness and had no idea what it was about. I went in for my session & my relationship transformed with my mother and my life changed for the better. I knew it was something I wanted to be able to gift others with as well.

Then, another opportunity appeared. I felt something was missing, and found a solution in Feng Shui. Feng Shui organizes and clears the energy and brings it all together. I flew to California for certification to become a Feng Shui consultant. Feng Shui is a practice with over 3,000 years of science and art behind it. It is used to promote health, harmony of relationships and wealth.

I am passionate about bringing harmony to your life through organizing, Access Consciousness and Feng Shui.

professional organizer
Angie Hinds is a professional organizer who takes a holistic approach to clearing out clutter. She is a certified Feng Shui professional and Access Consciousness practitioner allowing her to use her skills to help provide clarity for both your environment and your mind.
certified feng shui professional

Get started by calling us today at (303)356-4265.

“No one can go wrong with having Angie come look at your clutter and have her organize and teach you how to keep, giveaway, and throw out. I was embarrassed to have anyone come over and see my clutter, but then Angie came over and I love my office again. She is absolutely amazing!”
Colleen R.

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