Jan 23, 2016Access Consciousness

What if we actually have a choice where we didn’t think we did? This month’s blogs are devoted to Access Consciousness.

So what does Access Consciousness have to do with choice? Access Consciousness is about living life from a question and taking on the inquiry, “What if we have a choice?”

Without getting into the philosophical part too much, we do know that this Universe is energy. Quantum Physics have proven that all creation is energy. We are creation and we too are energy. If we are energy aren’t our thoughts energy as well? Is it possible we are in control of our thoughts, we have choice over our thoughts and therefore we get to choose our thoughts and behaviors at any given moment? That might seem quite scary because if we are at choice it means we are responsible for our lives. That could be a bit exciting too though because that means we are responsible for our lives. If this concept is new to you and you are curious and willing to considering this theory, there is an excellent book I recommend about choice called Choice Theory by Dr. William Glasser. http://www.wglasser.com

Do You Feel Stuck?

You might say “Well, I don’t have a choice about my job,” and is that absolutely true? Or, ” I don’t have a choice about my health issues” or “I don’t have a choice in not taking care of my family.” Yes of course we have responsibilities, agreements and perhaps situations that you may not think you can change. What if we are at choice of how we handle these situations and what if we do have more choice and power over our lives than we realize? I am not saying that just because you know you have choice then all of a sudden your life will be simple and you will make the best choices moving forward, but…

What If There Are Options?

There is much information about our neurological pathways in our brain, which have led experts to believe that (for the sake of simplicity) it is easier to build these pathways of negative thoughts and choices over positive and empowering thoughts and choices. http://www.whatisneuroplasticity.com/pathways.php

Why is that so? The short and simply answer is because we tend to (for many reasons) go to the negative or lack of self-supporting thoughts and energy therefore building those pathways quicker and stronger than the pathways, which support our joy and positive thinking.

What does all of this have to do with choice? When you aware of your thoughts, behaviors and energy which are not supporting you for joy, happiness, healthy, wealth etc. you can consciously shift that to thoughts, behaviors and energy that are more joy filled and self supporting.

Ready to Choose Differently

If you have choice what choice can you make in this moment that will bring you more ease, more grace, more peace, more prosperity, more empowerment and the list goes on and on. Is it possible, we have unlimited possibilities? I am not saying that because we know we have choice then all of a sudden our lives become simple, what I am suggesting is if we do have choice which I believe we do, can we take our power back for our lives and can we find some excitement in the possibility that we are at choice?

Let’s start with a choice that you have made that is not self-supporting yet you continue to make that choice over and over again. Why would you do that? Do you ever think, “I can’t help it”? Here is a good question, “what choice am I not willing to make because of some fear” and is that a valid fear?” or “What other choice can I now make about this situation that I wasn’t able or willing to make before”? Can you start to feel the empowerment by asking just a couple questions?

If you are not familiar with this possibility and have not lived life from this possibility this might sound outrageous and perhaps it might sound scary and perhaps even hopeful. Either way it possibly will require baby steps and gentleness on your behalf as you take your power back. Whether this information is new and/or foreign to you or, you are like me, having awareness yet still at times choosing thoughts that are not for my highest good, which are old patterns, than I offer you Access Consciousness tools, one being ‘having your bars run’.

Access Consciousness and Choice

The Access Bars are 32 points on the head, storing the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. Some of the 32 bars are: creating, body, sex, money time, space joy and healing just to name a few. These are energetic bars that run through and around the head. Each point stores your thoughts, beliefs, judgments, ideas and attitudes about that specific area. For instance, the ‘money’ bar is where all of your beliefs and judgments are stored about what it means to have or not have money, the effort it takes to get money and what money itself represents. It is said that more than 90% of our beliefs are unconscious. Beliefs have been passed on through DNA, society and our direct environment. So what if your beliefs about money or anything else for that matter isn’t what you truly believe, it was simply passed on to you and you took that belief on? The purpose of a Bars session is to clear those points and live life from a point of view that is in alignment with who you are and not from someone else’s point of view. The energetic body work is where a BARS Practitioner or BARS Facilitator will lightly touch these various points on your head. The session will last for an hour to an hour and a half in general. It usually proves to be quite relaxing and in many cases people have energetic shifts for the positive.


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