What possibilities are available for you to have the life you want? Are you willing to be open to answers?

Jan 6, 2016Access Consciousness

access consciousness

What question could you ask that might lead to better possibilities?

Access Consciousness has many tools to support us in letting go of thoughts, beliefs and judgments about life and ourselves that are not serving us. 

We have been living life based on what we have been told about life and ourselves and why wouldn’t we be? Except, what if what we have been told is not true for everyone, it was only true for the person (perhaps a parent or teacher) and now you have accepted that belief, thought or judgment as your truth? What if more possibilities are available to you? What if everything isn’t, as it seems? What if you decide what is true for you and what works for you instead of living by society’s standards? Who created these standards and why would they apply to everyone the same? Can you begin to imagine the unlimited possibilities you might experience that would bring you more peace, abundance and bliss then you could ever imagine? If you are willing to consider this as a possibility for yourself then you are in the right place. It is my intention to pass on some tools that might give you a new reference point. For instance, where in your life have you made yourself wrong because you did not show up for someone the way they wanted you to show up? Were you actually wrong or did you simply not meet another’s expectation? Where in life have you compared yourself to another and condemned yourself and perhaps had guilt or shame because you weren’t living life like they were? Are we suppose to be like each other or are we all unique expressions of life?

One of the tools of Access Consciousness is, looking at life from a question instead of a conclusion.

See, conclusions leave no room for change or possibilities, where as questions allow for possibilities of a new awareness. I have asked many questions thus far that might have you rethinking this already. A powerful question is ‘What else is possible regarding this situation that would better serve me?’ and how about this question, ‘What is right about this situation that I am not getting?’ Now you have taken a perhaps challenging situation and are considering what’s right that you haven’t been able to see yet. I say ‘yet’ because humans like instant gratification and we think we know what is best for us. But, have you ever been in a situation and eventually stopped fighting it, and it works out. Ask the question and allow the space for the answer to unfold. Another Access Consciousness tool is, no judgment. We have a friend in the AC world that we call Justin Improv, which stands for Just an Interesting point of view. Can you imagine if you no longer had to judge yourself or others and simply saw everything as ‘just an interesting point of view?’ Does not sound freeing? Yes, you can breathe and relax now.

One more tool from Access Consciousness which is a hands on tool called “running bars”.

In case you are wondering, we are not running from bar to bar and there is no exercise required either. It is said that we have 32 points in our head that store our thoughts, beliefs and judgments about everything. If you think about it, where are your thoughts about money, relationship, your body, sex, control, peace, healing and so on stored?

Running bars is an energetic modality of touching your head to open those areas and release thoughts, beliefs and judgments that are not serving you.

My clients have experienced at the least, an hour of deep relaxation, many going into a state of meditation and snoring and others have experienced profound shifts in life of letting go of anger and being able to sleep through the night and becoming calm and excited about life. I have attached a video if you would like a brief example of what running bars is all about. I would be thrilled to run bars for you. If you are interested in having your bars run or if you are interested in learning bars yourself, I will be hosting a class this month in Centennial Colorado. Please contact me for more information.


How does it get any better than that??

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